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Luck of The Draw Trailer

Luck of The Draw

After watching his ill mother struggle to pay her medical bills and put her faith in winning the lottery, Luke takes matters into his own hands.

Luck of The Draw, written, directed, and produced by RJ Zabasky and Harrison Cable, showcases the duo's exceptional storytelling and filmmaking skills. Their collaboration began in a film class titled "Fiction Production" during RJ’s senior year at the University of Arizona, leading to the creation of this impactful project.

The film unfolds a heartfelt story, focusing on a son's relentless determination to support and care for his mother, regardless of the personal toll it takes. Luck of The Draw delves into life's unpredictability, highlighting how fortunes can swiftly change and the significant role chance plays in our lives.

By juxtaposing the randomness of winning a lottery with the harsh uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis, the film emphasizes the unpredictable nature of existence, inviting viewers to reflect on the fragile balance between fate and chance.

Currently in post production.

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