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After serving a 15 year sentence, a man re-enters a society which has outgrown him in hopes of reconnecting with his lost family.


Growing up, I was deeply inspired by stories of resilience and triumph over adversity. My mother's dedication to her work as a therapist for underprivileged youth left a lasting impact on me, fueling my passion to bring such powerful narratives to life. With Re-Entry, I aimed to shed light on the challenges faced by ex-convicts as they navigate their way back into society, grappling with the heavy burden of institutionalization.

The film follows the journey of Casper, a man who, in a desperate attempt to protect his family, ends up taking a life and is subsequently sentenced to fifteen years in prison. This act of violence shatters his already fragile family, setting off a ripple effect of pain and estrangement. The story delves into the complex dynamics between Casper and his ex-wife Marsha, as they each wrestle with their own perspectives on how to live and parent their son, Michael.

Re-Entry is a film about the complexities of family, the bond between a father and son, the path to forgiveness, and the struggle of a man trying to reclaim his place in a society that has moved on without him. Casper’s release from prison throws him into a world transformed by technology, where he finds himself often overlooked by people engrossed in their smartphones. He embarks on a solitary quest, seeking out the family he once knew, and along the way, he reflects on the past, contemplating the hurt he has caused as he yearns for redemption and a sense of belonging.

Through this film, I bring to the forefront the emotional turmoil and societal challenges faced by ex-prisoners, in the hope that it fosters empathy, understanding, and a collective desire for change.

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Best Student Short - Studio City International Film Festival

Official Selection - Chelsea Film Festival

Official Selection - Chandler International Film Festival

Best Crime Short - Silicon Beach Film Festival

Official Selection - Riverside International Film Festival

Best Drama - Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival

Best Director & Best Cinematography - Southern California International Film Festival

Nominee - Prison City Film Festival


Currently in festivals and will release after.

Estimated Release Date: Late 2023 - Early 2024

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